Double-Slide Facing Heads

Double-Slide Facing Heads

Autogrip’s double-slide facing heads are designed for high rigidity and clamping accuracy (+/- 0.03 microns). They offer steady speed feeds and easy stroke adjustments. Feed mechanism is transmitted by Lever or Helical Gear rack system. All mated surfaces and parts are hardened, precision ground and lubricated for maximum performance and accuracy.

Facing Heads Details

  • Lever Or Helical Gear Rack Feed Mechanism
  • Steady Speed Feeds
  • Easy Speed And Stroke Adjustments
  • All Mated Surfaces And Parts Are Hardened, Precision Ground And Lubricated
  • High Rigidity And Clamping Accuracy
  • Stopper Accuracy +/- 0.03 microns
  • Works With Autogrip Rs Style Cylinder
  • Wedge Plunger Type Facing Heads Can Be Used With Electro Servo And Ball Screw Mechanisms


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