Single-Slide Facing Heads

Single-Slide Facing Heads

Autogrip’s single-slide facing heads are designed for high rigidity and clamping accuracy (+/- 0.03 microns). They offer steady speed feeds and easy stroke adjustments. Feed mechanism is transmitted by Rack & Pinion or Wedge Plunger system. All mated surfaces and parts are hardened, precision ground and lubricated for maximum performance and accuracy.

Facing Heads Details

  • Rack & Pinion Or Wedge Plunger Feed Mechanism
  • Steady Speed Feeds
  • Easy Speed & Stroke Adjustments
  • All Mated Surfaces And Parts Are Hardened, Precision Ground And Lubricated
  • High Rigidity And Clamping Accuracy
  • Stopper Accuracy +/- 0.03 microns
  • Works With Autogrip RS Style Cylinder
  • Wedge Plunger Type Facing Heads Can Be Used With Electro Servo And Ball Screw Mechanisms

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