Pull Lock Stationary Chucks

Pull Lock Stationary Chucks

Autogrip’s Pull Lock closed center 3 jaw chucks are designed for stationary work, meaning they do not turn.They create a multi-directional gripping force on the workpiece, by applying a radial pressure and an axial pull-down. Heat treated and hardened for maximum quality, longevity and performance, pull lock power chucks are suitable for heavy duty machining.

Stationary Chuck Options

  • 3 Jaws
  • Closed Center
  • Pull Lock
  • Airtight Detection & Axial Positioning Systems
  • Radial Clamping & Axial Pull-Down
  • Heat Treated & Hardened
  • Suitable For Heavy-Duty Machining
  • Compatible With Autogrip’s MP4 Base Plate
  • 4”–8” Diameter


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