Compact Style Rotary Cylinders

Compact Style Rotary Cylinders

These closed center rotary cylinders are the most compact Autogrip offers. Along with being compact, these rotary cylinders are also lightweight and are ideal for high-speed applications. Because safety is a top priority for these rotary cylinders, they come equipped with a pressure relief valve, which ensures that the pressure within the cylinder is constant and adequate. The cylinders can be mounted from the front or the rear of the cylinder and require a drain port to be independently connected to the oil tank to avoid back pressure.

Rotary Cylinder Details

  • Closed Center
  • Allows Compressed Air To Be Fed From The Rear Of The Distributor Through A Rotating Union
  • Can Be Mounted From The Front Or Rear Of The Cylinder
  • Short Form 
  • Lightweight 
  • High-Speed
  • Built-In Safety Check And Pressure Relief Valves
  • Requires Drain Port To Be Independently Connected To The Oil Tank


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