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Job Shops

Job Shops are the face of US manufacturing. Job shops are why the US is the number one manufacturing destination in the World, and why the US will remain number one for the long term.

Job shops handle a wide variety of machining and grinding processes that require incredible skills, craftsmanship and flexibility. Job shops—focused on metal working operations—utilize a wide variety of tooling and machine tool accessories, while operating in one of the most competitive environments in the manufacturing sector.

The Autogrip, Gator and Talon breadth of offering, and high quality orientation, provide job shops with the Precision Tooling and Workholding options required to handle their wide variety of machining processes. Autogrip, Gator and Talon’s unbeatable combination of quality, price, and service give the job shop a better chance to compete.

Through our relationships with Job shops, Autogrip, Gator and Talon are able to support EVERY separate manufacturing sector in the US, Canada and Latin America. We touch them all!

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