Rubber Grip Collets

Rubber Grip Collets

Rubber grip collets have a large gripping area, which improves gripping force while preventing any damage being done to the workpiece. These collets have a gripping range of /- 0.5 microns and are more accurate than standard collets ( +/- 10 microns). Rubber grip collets are dust proof and a special design makes it fast and easy to change these collets. Use Autogrip’s rubber grip collets with a push or a draw style collet chuck.

Rubber Grip Collet Options

  • Rubber Grip
  • Use With Push & Draw Style Collet Chucks
  • Large Gripping Area
  • Does Not Damage Workpiece
  • More Accurate Than A “Sandard” Collet +/- 10 microns
  • Gripping Range Of +/- 0.5 microns
  • Quick & Easy To Change
  • Dust-Proof Design

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