Coolant Joints

Coolant Joints

Autogrip’s coolant joints are designed for high-speed, high-pressure and medium delivery. Interior sealed bushing is made of cemented carbide and ceramics to extend the life of the coolant joint. These coolant joints may require a liquid through coolant port and can be used with either oil or water-soluble coolants. An optional safety feature automatically disconnects the seal if the flow stops, eliminating potential damage.

Coolant Joints Details

  • High-Speed
  • High-Pressure
  • Medium Delivery
  • Use With Oil Or Water-Soluble Coolant
  • Interior Sealed Bushing Is Made Of Cemented Carbide And Ceramics For Higher Wear-Resistance
  • May Require Liquid Through Coolant Port
  • Optional Seal Disconnecting Safety Feature, Which Eliminates Damage

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